SUP Repair

Why Ding King for your SUP Repair needs?

Effective and long lasting stand up paddleboard repair require specialized knowledge into the construction techniques employed by stand up paddleboard manufacturers.

The owner of Ding King Brian Szymanski, is one of the world’s premier SUP surfboard and SUP race board designers and has his own line of boards manufactured by Lahui Kai. Who else would you trust to bring your SUP back to original condition? Whether your SUP has a rail ding, has lost a fin, has a loose pad or has been buckled, Ding King is the preferred San Diego SUP repair facility and should be your choice when needing your paddleboard repaired.

In this video Brian Szymanski discusses SUP Stand Up Paddle Board ding repair at The Ding King in Encinitas in North County San Diego.

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SUP/Paddleboard Repair

# of DingsPrice Range
2$120-$150 + $30 per additional ding
Fin Box (per fin)$100-$120 add $50 per additional box
Single Fin Box (carbon optional)$130-$140
Re-glue lifted pad$40
Deck Pad Replacement$200 (when available)
Leash plug$80
GoPro mount$80